We open our show on the night of the dress rehearsal for the British Sex Farce Nothing On. Hours before the show opens the director keeps calling cut, doors aren’t opening properly, and actors are running around in their underwear. The set flips in the second act to show a performance of Nothing On from the backstage. Romances amongst the cast members surface and cues are missed as whiskey bottles and axes keep being thrown around. We end the evening by putting on a performance of Nothing On during its final run.

Come witness the sex farce we watched in rehearsals fall apart at the very seams. We find the set on the verge of collapsing, costumes tearing, and stage managers acting (which nobody wants.) Over the course of three acts Michael Frayn’s Tony Award winning play within a play truthfully depicts the reality of putting on a show.

Noises Off pokes fun at the complicated relationships, diva personalities, and slapstick shenanigans of the theater all while playing homage to it at the same time. It gives its audience a backstage pass to the not-so-secret world of theater and demonstrates that the real drama is what happens behind the scenes.


BareStage Productions presents Noises Off, written by Michael Frayn and directed by Natasha Munasinghe.

Natasha Munasinghe is a fourth year English Major and History Minor and is the director of BareStage’s Noises Off. She has performed in BareStage’s The Importance of Being Earnest as Miss Prism and most recently in BareStage’s Crimes of the Heart as Lenny Magrath. In addition to performing she has worked as an ASM for BareStage’s Taming of the Shrew. She is very excited to end her time with BareStage as a director and is looking forward to putting on such a classic comedy like Noises Off.


Message from the director:

If you’re attending UC Berkeley and have love or interest in the theater come out and support BareStage’s Noises Off. Whether it’s coming to a performance or actually working on a show we would love to see the Berkeley community get involved in our student run theater group. BareStage is the perfect creative outlet for Cal students of any background or discipline to exercise their passion for the performing arts. If you have an interest in construction, designing, marketing, assistant stage-managing, and of course acting, BareStage’s Noises Off has a place for you! We hope to provide a creative space for any incoming students or current students!


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Friday, September 1st, from 6-10PM

Saturday, September 2nd, from 10-2PM

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